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v7 Infusions
User Find 05.01.14 HobbyMan 1.0 1845 0 --
User Find This is a simple user search page using ajax for members looking to find and contacting each other. Members can enter in one letter at a time to find the person they are looking for.
SimplAdd Captcha System 10.08.13 HobbyMan 2.3 2055 2 --
SimplAdd Captcha System This is a captcha system requiring users to solve a simple maths problem to gain access to captcha protected areas of your site.
Secure Messaging System 17.02.13 HobbyMan 1.1 1593 0 --
Secure Messaging System What it does:

This is both an infusion and a panel that allows site administrators to send and receive encrypted messages such as passwords or other sensitive information.
My Favourites Panel 30.10.12 HobbyMan 1.0 1731 0 --
My Favourites Panel This infusion and panel allows members to save or "Favourite" any pages they have access to which can then be viewed in the My Favourites list. Members can choose between three priority (High, Medium, Low) levels in which to store the pa
Documentation System 15.05.11 HobbyMan 1.0.0 1864 0 --
Documentation System This is a standalone Documentation System independent of articles. It allows for multiple books to be created with a built in global tagging system and a Favorites facility for members. However, it can just as easily be used for a single book.
Section Maintainance 07.08.08 HobbyMan 2.4 3422 0 --
Section Maintainance
Rate this site 10.07.08 HobbyMan 1.3 2586 2 --
Rate this site
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