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Rate this site 1.3

Rate This Site User Field, Infusion & Panel

What it does:

The user field will create a new choice in edit_profile for the member to \"Rate\" the site from 1 to 5 stars. The members rating will NOT be visible to other members or admins in their profile. This is so individual members can be honest in their voting. It can only be viewed by a SuperAdmin. Members can change their rating at any time in edit profile.

This Mod is in three parts...

* A new user field in the members profile called \"Rate The Site\".
* An infusion for Admins to view the rating stats created by members.
* A panel to show the overall rating the site has received from the members rating to your site visitors.

See ReadMe for installation and configuration

v1.3 - Added pagenav to user list in admin. Overall code clean up.
v1.2 - Repaired side panel link. Panel recognises user level. Admin panel show members who have rated.
v1.1 - Fixed Conditional Statements output error
v1.00 - First public version
July 10 2008 02:05:10
Download 2783
Version: 1.3
License: AGPL

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