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Secure Messaging System

Now available in downloads This is both an infusion and a panel that allows site administrators to send and receive encrypted messages such as passwords or other sensitive information. Sending a secure message generates an 18 character key which can be send via email or other means, ie; text message or IM. The message itself is encrypted and can only be decoded using the key that was generated for that message. Emailing the Key is done automatically (if selected). Selecting "Send Key by other means" requires the sender to pass on the Key themselves. This system is not designed for the long term storage of messages. It is strongly recommended that messages be deleted once decoded and read for security purposes.
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Content Creator Rewrite

I've just finished a major rewrite of Content Creator now released as v2.0 and available in downloads. This is powerful tool for the creation and deletion of content for developers, infusion & theme writers, etc for an offline test site. It is not designed for live sites and it's strongly recommended that it not be used on live sites due to it's minimal security. See included readme for installation and usage instructions.
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Most Likes Panel

A companion side panel for the existing Like or Not panel has been released. It will display the top liked pages on your site in a small side panel. It will only work if the Like or Not panel has already been installed
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