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10 Things G+ Users Need to Remember
There are many different reasons why Google Plus is different from other destinations in the social space. Anyone with even a minimal knowledge of the history of the internet will know that it has been, at least up till now a playground, relatively harmless where no one gets hurt. True, there have been many tales of people losing their jobs, husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends or both from rash postings or indiscreet photographs reaching the wrong eyeballs. But, when you consider the sheer numbers of people using the net compared to the sob stories, it remains an almost statistical certainty that you won't get outed or caught.
My Google+ Experience (so far)
Or to put it another way.... Some half-assed rantings of an ordinary Google+ user Joined: 9 Jul 2011 As is normal in any new relationship things never go quite the way you hope they do at first and you find you're having to accept your new beau's foibles and shortcomings as charming idiosyncrasies. Things are no different over at Googles (nearly) new Social platform :- Google+ which at time of posting is still in private testing with just a mere 25 million users.