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If you've visited my other site [phpnuclear.com] recently, you may have noticed that it's shutting down at the end of the month. But, that's not to say I'm giving up on addons, blogs and talking crap! It's all moving back here, to the site where it all began. I cannot keep the two sites going so I'm letting phpnuclear go back to cyberspace heaven and renovating my old HobbySites which has been dormant for a while.
Ghost Town, My Ass!!
Time and time again I read blogs purporting the have "the inside scoop" of what's going on in G+land and where it's heading. These guys are supposed to be the experts on "social" and yet they still seem unable to get that Google+ is not a social network in the usual sense. I'm sure even Natalie Villalobos and the other googlers involved in the platform couldn't put their hand on their heart on say, "This is where we're going to be in 12 months time!". Read On...
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