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SimplAdd Capcha System [Updated}
This is a captcha system requiring users to solve a simple maths question to gain access to captcha protected areas of your site. The system uses premade images with a choice of colours. Limits can be set by the site administrator on the number of failed attempts at solving the captcha. If a user (or a bot) exceeds the number their IP is locked out for a set amount of time depending on settings. The "Bad Reports" are logged in the SimplAdd Admin section for investigation and can be blacklisted or deleted directly from the admin section. The system will only keep records of users who fail to solve the query after the set number of times. Records of users who fail less than the set number and who then successfully solve the query are automatically deleted. V2.1 now available in downloads View Demo
SimpleAdd Captcha (Updated)
I'm currently field testing a captcha I've built called SimplAdd. It's not yet ready for release and is basically in Alpha testing at the moment. It's will be primarily for smaller sites that are unlikely to get serious bot attention. The current captchas on offer are quite difficult to read for a lot of people. This (when released) will hopefully fill the need for quick and easy verification without possibly losing new members who may be put off by the others. View Demo
User Control ~ New Version
User Control v1.23 is now available for download. This is a relatively minor upgrade in that there are no new features but, it will load up and run in a v7.02 environment with none of the yes/no shoutbox issues from before. Also, there are a number of minor bug fixes. The only feature change is the ability to turn the nav icon on and off which may be necessary for narrow themes to display correctly.
Protect your Content
If you run a popular blog or site and want to prevent others from "Scraping" your content and attempting to gain a higher ranking than you by using your work then a simple solution proposed by Google is to use the rel='author' attribute somewhere on your site. For more information on the attribute read Author information in search results on the Google Webmaster site. Read on...
Facebook Overrun with Scams
If anyone has been paying attention recently, you may have noticed that Facebook is becoming overrun with scams. Everyday a new one is being discovered but, unless you regularly check security blogs you probably don't know much if anything about them. A significant number of them are survey scams which generally look like a genuine link posted to your wall by one of your friends. What you may not know is that your friend got conned into a "Clickjacking" scam and unwittingly sent the same link to all of his friends.
Anatomy of a Computer Virus
If you have ever heard of a computer virus called Stuxnet, watch this fascinating infographic dissecting the nature and ramifications of Stuxnet, the first weapon made entirely out of code. This was produced for Australian TV program HungryBeast on Australia's ABC1

How to keep your site safe
Any website no matter what type of software it's running on is vulnerable if certain elemental steps are not taken and carried through. A couple of high profiles websites have been attacked recently and in some cases a serious amount of data stolen. While some attacks are by sql injections and other back-end black magic into insecure code, it has also been revealed that something as simple as a weak password can allow blackhat hackers gain full access to your site and it's content. Read On...
SimplAdd Captcha System
This is a captcha system requiring users to solve a simple maths problem to gain access to captcha protected areas of your site.