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Download Include Panel
This is designed as a Lower Center panel which will search your downloads folder and attempt to match older versions of existing downloads and display them in downloads.php. Now in downloads
Download Include Panel BETA
Download Include Panel BETA If you're like me you probably have a lot of older version files of existing downloads in your downloads folder but users have no way of accessing them. I made a small panel that will search your download folder and try to match older versions of the download file. I'd appreciate if you would load it up and let me know how well it matches up files and report back. Thanx ;)
PHP-Fusion Archive Project
PHP-Fusion is currently searching the net for historic copies of older release versions (v6 and earlier). We have many files in different places but the history is not complete and we're looking to the PHP-Fusion community to help us out. If you have any lying around on a server or hard drive, please let us know either by posting on the Main site here or in our Facebook Group or add a comment to this post.