Rate This Site V7

-> HobbyMan on July 12 2008
Rate This Site v1.01

A system where members can vote on their overall impression of your site. At the beginning all members will show a zero and your Overall Site Rating will be 1 Star. The rating is calculated on a percentage of votes, unlike the photogallery where you can have 5 stars for a photo with just one vote. The more members rate the better your OSR will get, so be patient. Your OSR will increase soon enough. If you have a small membership you can always change the panel access to members or admins until it's fit for facing the world.

This Mod is in three parts...

1. A new user field in the members profile called "Rate The Site".
2. An infusion for Admins to view the rating stats created by members.
3. A panel to show the overall rating the site has received from the members rating to your site visitors.

Update: v1.01 - Fixed Conditional Statements output error
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