Facebook Overrun with Scams

-> HobbyMan on July 09 2011
If anyone has been paying attention recently, you may have noticed that Facebook is becoming overrun with scams. Everyday a new one is being discovered but, unless you regularly check security blogs you probably don't know much if anything about them.
A significant number of them are survey scams which generally look like a genuine link posted to your wall by one of your friends. What you may not know is that your friend got conned into a "Clickjacking" scam and unwittingly sent the same link to all of his friends.

Survey Scam

Sometimes the link is to a "Shocking" video, story or image and sometimes it's to a seemingly innocent official Facebook Survey.

What they all have in common is a so-called Age verification link you have to click before you can see whatever the links proclaimed.

These "verification" pages are just an elaborately disguised Like button and once you click it, it will then post the same link on the walls of all of your friends and the cycle continues.
What you are actually being taken to is a survey and the scammers get paid for every one filled out. So, because of the huge numbers of Facebook users, you can imagine how potentially lucrative this could be.

A selection of the scams:

There are thousands of them and the moral of the story is if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. If a link brings you to a verification page, don't click it, just go back and warn your friends that it's bogus.
You should always report it to Facebook instead of assuming someone else has.

If you got conned by the scam and followed all the steps to the scammers intended destination, then you need to remove the entry from your news feed and check your profile for bogus "Likes" in the "Likes and Interests" section.

To keep up to date on the latest scams visit this excellent blog by Sophos Security called Naked Security. You can also visit them on their Facebook page, click Like and you'll receive automatic updates on your walls warning you of the latest scams n' spams to help keep you and your friends safe.
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