My Google+ Experience (so far)

-> HobbyMan on September 03 2011
Or to put it another way....

Some half-assed rantings of an ordinary Google+ user

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As is normal in any new relationship things never go quite the way you hope they do at first and you find you're having to accept your new beau's foibles and shortcomings as charming idiosyncrasies. Things are no different over at Googles (nearly) new Social platform :- Google+ which at time of posting is still in private testing with just a mere 25 million users.

Those first few dates were exciting times indeed. Because of the invite only status, it quickly became a geeks paradise as all the early adopters flooded in to check out the new "Facebook Killer". Within a very short time the power geeks quickly rose to the top of the food chain and a lot of posts were about the platform itself, which is to be expected. But, just as it was being dismissed as a techys' playground an interesting thing happened, photographers were finding the platform suited them perfectly and they quickly became some of the most followed people. They loved the ease of use for loading photos with the capability of instant feedback from their followers. The reshare facility suited photos well which quickly spread their work to others allowing an organic growth throughout the platform.
Soon after, other groups also found a home with foodies, artists & journalists finding a receptive audience. It reminds me of the 90's when every business was convinced we were all going to stop leaving the house and do everything on the net. How many billions were wasted because they forgot one simple thing, the social aspect of human nature. We love to shop and we love to do it outdoors in the real world. But, after the crash lo and behold some businesses were still alive and doing great. Airlines, book sales, cd's were doing better on the net than before.

It's the same with G+, it will be a natural progression, some will join and post enthusiastically at least for a while. But, unless they find a niche or an audience they will most likely go back to Facebook. "It's not you it's me, but let's stay friends". Others will fall in love and never want to leave. Many who move over have a hard time convincing their friends to follow which can make it a lonely place as getting your ideas and missives out there can be difficult for those of us without 50,000 followers. It takes a big investment of your time and talent to gain a significant foothold to gain a critical mass of followers see a return. Google are currently chasing Hollywood and pop stars to try to persuade the masses that it's not nerd central. But, you get the impression that those who have joined up don't have any serious enthusiasm for it yet as they don't quite know what to make of it and see it as just yet another social site that needs tending but no real investment in interaction.

They're just not feeling the love.

I am a huge fan though I realise many may not get it and wonder what all the fuss is about. Until it's finally opened to the public at large it will be seen as a "Facebook for the Geeks" which while not entirely true even now, it's a tag that will take a long while to shake off.
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