My 2 cents on G+ Personal Pages

-> HobbyMan on November 08 2011
As most of you may know, Google launched "Pages" yesterday. Since then, there's been a mad rush by a huge number of people who seem to want to create one simply because it's there.

First of all, you'll be starting off from scratch with no followers and you cannot import your existing ones either.
A Page can only interact with those who have chosen to follow it.
Once you're logged in as your page you can only +1 things, that's it. You can only comment on those posts of users who are following your page.

So, for a while you'll be the only one in the room. Posting about your page will notify them of it's existence but, many will miss it and many may not be interested.
Which means that you will probably never get more than a fraction of the followers you already have. If this is the case, you now have 2 streams to look after instead of one and you may find it's not worth the hassle.
But, you've built the thing and encouraged people to follow it and they may not be happy with you if you don't post regularly. So, you're stuck.

So, unless you have a completely separate issue or business to promote from that of your personal profile, you may regret creating one in the first place.

Update: Google+ has it's own page if you want to keep up with Page happenings.
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