Back to my Roots

-> HobbyMan on May 19 2012
I decided that I'd mark the return of HobbySites by flexing my coding muscles and release an addon. The problem was which one? I was going to do something with the photogallery as I've had a few ideas on sprucing up the display.

But, I needed a quick and easy way of generating content that could be created, toyed with and then deleted over and over. As creating and populating photo albums is very time consuming I realised I had no choice but to bite the bullet and have another go at including albums in my content creator which I had built last year for a similar project but baulked at including gallery creation.

This time there was no excuse, if I wanted to get serious on some photogallery css sprucing, then I'd have to update the content creator with one click gallery creation. In the end it became a considerable project in it's own right and took the guts of 3 days to complete.

It's now available for downloading as V1.6 and has been submitted to the PHP-Fusion Addon Database for inclusion. This new version also includes user submissions and various site settings. Remember, it's designed for offline testing, don't blame me if it screws up a live site. It ain't supposed to be within a mile of the net!

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