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-> HobbyMan on October 30 2012
New My Favourites Panel added to downloads.

Did you ever see a page or a forum thread on a site meaning to go back to it and view it again only to find you can't find it?

This infusion and panel allows members to save or "Favourite" any pages they have access to which can then be viewed in the My Favourites list. Members can choose between three priority (High, Medium, Low) levels in which to store the page. These can be moved up or down into different categories in My Favourites. The user can delete entries either through the panel when viewing the page to be deleted or in the My Favourites page.

Members can enter a title for the link if they wish though, it is optional. If no title is entered the page url will be used. If other members have saved the same page, it will display on the left in the My Favourites page.

Admins can view which pages are being saved in the admin section accessed via Admin Panel - Infusions - Members favourites.
They are listed in order of the number of same pages being saved.

See read-me for installation and configuration
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