Secure Messaging System

-> HobbyMan on February 17 2013
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This is both an infusion and a panel that allows site administrators to send and receive encrypted messages such as passwords or other sensitive information. Sending a secure message generates an 18 character key which can be send via email or other means, ie; text message or IM. The message itself is encrypted and can only be decoded using the key that was generated for that message. Emailing the Key is done automatically (if selected). Selecting "Send Key by other means" requires the sender to pass on the Key themselves.

This system is not designed for the long term storage of messages. It is strongly recommended that messages be deleted once decoded and read for security purposes.

This is a completely standalone system that does not require any core file modification.
It can be installed and uninstalled without affecting your site content.
If a key for a particular message is lost, that message cannot be decoded.
The messages can be text only, BBCodes are not enabled for this system.
The side panel will only display if an admin has unread messages.
The Subject line is not encrypted and can be read by someone with database access.

Legal Note: This system gives users complete privacy. Super Administrators and even the Site Owner cannot access the secure messages unless provided with the keys.

See readme for installation and configuration.
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