SimplAdd Capcha System [Updated}

-> HobbyMan on July 21 2013
This is a captcha system requiring users to solve a simple maths question to gain access to captcha protected areas of your site.

The system uses premade images with a choice of colours. Limits can be set by the site administrator on the number of failed attempts at solving the captcha. If a user (or a bot) exceeds the number their IP is locked out for a set amount of time depending on settings. The "Bad Reports" are logged in the SimplAdd Admin section for investigation and can be blacklisted or deleted directly from the admin section. The system will only keep records of users who fail to solve the query after the set number of times. Records of users who fail less than the set number and who then successfully solve the query are automatically deleted.

v2.1 ow available in downloads

See readme for installation and configuration details.

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