PHP-Fusion Beta Release

-> HobbyMan on November 09 2014
The guys at PHP-Fusion seem to have adopted Microsofts versioning system and skipped a number. They've just relased a beta version of their latest and greatest - Version 9 which you can get here from Github.
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Lets get A Little SEO going

-> HobbyMan on March 27 2014
This is designed as a Lower Center panel which will Open Graph, Twitter Card and Meta Tags to various sections of your site. This version will add relevant tags to your news items and articles.

View and Download
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Google+ Comments for your site

-> HobbyMan on February 01 2014
Nearly 3000 people have tried my Facebook Comments Panel. I don't use it here because Facebook. However, if like me you're a dedicated Googlephile then you can now add Google+ commenting to your site. It's very simple to implement....
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User Find 1.0

-> HobbyMan on January 05 2014
User Find 1.0

What it does:

This is a simple user search page using ajax for members looking to find and contacting each other. Members can enter in one letter at a time to find the person they are looking for.

Suitable for sites with very large memberships.

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PHP-Fusions first official E-Shop

-> HobbyMan on January 04 2014
PHP-Fusions first official E-Commerce solution has been released by my mate Domi.

Download Here.
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Download Include Panel

-> HobbyMan on August 08 2013
This is designed as a Lower Center panel which will search your downloads folder and attempt to match older versions of existing downloads and display them in downloads.php.

Now in downloads
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Download Include Panel BETA

-> HobbyMan on August 05 2013
Download Include Panel BETA

If you're like me you probably have a lot of older version files of existing downloads in your downloads folder but users have no way of accessing them.
I made a small panel that will search your download folder and try to match older versions of the download file.

I'd appreciate if you would load it up and let me know how well it matches up files and report back.
Thanx ;)
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