CoolBlack Theme (re)Released

-> HobbyMan on January 27 2013
I've upgraded and updated a theme from 2009 for v7.02 called CoolBlack and is now available in downloads. It is a full width Black and Yellow theme suitable for 3 columns sites. It also has built in matching News Cat images.


Enjoy :)
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white Theme Released

-> HobbyMan on January 26 2013
The theme for this site - white - has been released and is available in downloads. It is primarily configured for blog sites and will only work with 2 columns. It has built in fonts and an optional search box.


Enjoy :)
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My Favourites Panel

-> HobbyMan on October 30 2012
New My Favourites Panel added to downloads.

Did you ever see a page or a forum thread on a site meaning to go back to it and view it again only to find you can't find it?

This infusion and panel allows members to save or "Favourite" any pages they have access to which can then be viewed in the My Favourites list. Members can choose between three priority (High, Medium, Low) levels in which to store the page. These can be moved up or down into different categories in My Favourites. The user can delete entries either through the panel when viewing the page to be deleted or in the My Favourites page.

Members can enter a title for the link if they wish though, it is optional. If no title is entered the page url will be used. If other members have saved the same page, it will display on the left in the My Favourites page.
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User Control ~ New Version

-> HobbyMan on August 18 2012
User Control v1.23 is now available for download.
This is a relatively minor upgrade in that there are no new features but, it will load up and run in a v7.02 environment with none of the yes/no shoutbox issues from before. Also, there are a number of minor bug fixes.
The only feature change is the ability to turn the nav icon on and off which may be necessary for narrow themes to display correctly.
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Back to my Roots

-> HobbyMan on May 19 2012
I decided that I'd mark the return of HobbySites by flexing my coding muscles and release an addon. The problem was which one? I was going to do something with the photogallery as I've had a few ideas on sprucing up the display.

But, I needed a quick and easy way of generating content that could be created, toyed with and then deleted over and over. As creating and populating photo albums is very time consuming I realised I had no choice but to bite the bullet and have another go at including albums in my content creator which I had built last year for a similar project but baulked at including gallery creation.
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Old New Home

-> HobbyMan on May 17 2012
If you've visited my other site [] recently, you may have noticed that it's shutting down at the end of the month. But, that's not to say I'm giving up on addons, blogs and talking crap!
It's all moving back here, to the site where it all began. I cannot keep the two sites going so I'm letting phpnuclear go back to cyberspace heaven and renovating my old HobbySites which has been dormant for a while.
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Ghost Town, My Ass!!

-> HobbyMan on February 29 2012
Time and time again I read blogs purporting the have "the inside scoop" of what's going on in G+land and where it's heading. These guys are supposed to be the experts on "social" and yet they still seem unable to get that Google+ is not a social network in the usual sense. I'm sure even Natalie Villalobos and the other googlers involved in the platform couldn't put their hand on their heart on say, "This is where we're going to be in 12 months time!".

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