New Home for G+ Page directory

-> HobbyMan on January 29 2012
The Google+ Photo Page Directory has been moved to it's own dedicated subsite.

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Down with that Sort of Thing!

-> HobbyMan on January 18 2012
I'm not shutting my site but I will protest.
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Google+ Photo Page Directory

-> HobbyMan on December 30 2011
To make it a little easier to navigate through the large number of G+ Photo Theme Pages (currently 96), I got back to my coding roots and made a page here that displays the pages by day. By default, it will always display the current days pages. But, you can use the dropdown to view all the other days pages too
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Protect your Content

-> HobbyMan on November 12 2011
If you run a popular blog or site and want to prevent others from "Scraping" your content and attempting to gain a higher ranking than you by using your work then a simple solution proposed by Google is to use the rel='author' attribute somewhere on your site.

For more information on the attribute read Author information in search results on the Google Webmaster site.

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My 2 cents on G+ Personal Pages

-> HobbyMan on November 08 2011
As most of you may know, Google launched "Pages" yesterday. Since then, there's been a mad rush by a huge number of people who seem to want to create one simply because it's there.
First of all, you'll be starting off from scratch with no followers and you cannot import your existing ones either.
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Quick update on Releases

-> HobbyMan on September 29 2011
Two of my addons have been updated and are available for download.

User Control which has had a boat load of bug fixes is now released as v1.22

Tags System now has a Color Picker added to admin section to make it easier to match the side panel text colour to that of your theme. It's now available as v1.5
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10 Things G+ Users Need to Remember

-> HobbyMan on September 17 2011
There are many different reasons why Google Plus is different from other destinations in the social space. Anyone with even a minimal knowledge of the history of the internet will know that it has been, at least up till now a playground, relatively harmless where no one gets hurt. True, there have been many tales of people losing their jobs, husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends or both from rash postings or indiscreet photographs reaching the wrong eyeballs. But, when you consider the sheer numbers of people using the net compared to the sob stories, it remains an almost statistical certainty that you won't get outed or caught.
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