New Theme - InterCity

-> HobbyMan on October 22 2008
I just loaded up my new theme - InterCity...
now available in downloads
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Outdated News

Site Split

-> HobbyMan on October 18 2008
The site has now been split into two "Design" and "PHP-Fusion". This has been necessary as any potential website clients don't know who or what PHP-Fusion is and think they've reached the wrong site.
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Outdated News

Your mod or infusion hosted here

-> HobbyMan on August 14 2008
If you want to host your infusion or mod here because you don't have your own site or whatever, You can now upload your own mod. [Members only - Downloads link on left]

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Site Upgrade/Update

-> HobbyMan on July 13 2008
The site is currently undergoing a major face-lift. Not only the changeover to PHP-Fusion 7, but also the type of content. For the foreseeable future, I'll be concentrating on making this site a resource for those new to the cms. I hope to have more articles as well as a decent FAQ for visitors and members to visit.
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Featured Member Panel v1.2 V7

-> HobbyMan on July 13 2008
Featured Member Panel v1.2

This panel will display a random member showing their username, user level [Font in orange for Super, Green for Admin, Blue for Member], avatar [if none selected, default avatar shows], date joined, data last visit, forum posts [if any], web address [if any], location [if any], , PM [members only], Email [if hide email = no]

Update: Multi Members Panel now in downloads
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Rate This Site V7

-> HobbyMan on July 12 2008
Rate This Site v1.01

This Mod is in three parts...

1. A new user field in the members profile called "Rate The Site".
2. An infusion for Admins to view the rating stats created by members.
3. A panel to show the overall rating the site has received from the members rating to your site visitors.

Update: v1.01 - Fixed Conditional Statements output error
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Section Maintenance V7 Download

-> HobbyMan on July 12 2008
V7 Version.

This infusion allows you to enable or disable access to certain areas of your site to Members and Guests for maintenance or upgrading without the need to shut down the entire site. It allows you to have as many sections as you want offline at any one time or all of them if needed.

see ReadMe for installation and configuration.
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