SimplAdd Capcha System [Updated}

-> HobbyMan on July 21 2013
This is a captcha system requiring users to solve a simple maths question to gain access to captcha protected areas of your site.

The system uses premade images with a choice of colours. Limits can be set by the site administrator on the number of failed attempts at solving the captcha. If a user (or a bot) exceeds the number their IP is locked out for a set amount of time depending on settings. The "Bad Reports" are logged in the SimplAdd Admin section for investigation and can be blacklisted or deleted directly from the admin section. The system will only keep records of users who fail to solve the query after the set number of times. Records of users who fail less than the set number and who then successfully solve the query are automatically deleted.

V2.1 now available in downloads

View Demo
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SimpleAdd Captcha (Updated)

-> HobbyMan on July 14 2013
I'm currently field testing a captcha I've built called SimplAdd. It's not yet ready for release and is basically in Alpha testing at the moment.
It's will be primarily for smaller sites that are unlikely to get serious bot attention. The current captchas on offer are quite difficult to read for a lot of people. This (when released) will hopefully fill the need for quick and easy verification without possibly losing new members who may be put off by the others.

View Demo
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User Control v1.24 Released

-> HobbyMan on July 07 2013
User Control v1.24 is now available for download here. This will be the last update to the v7 version as work will soon begin to port it into the v8 core.

  • IP Addresses display as country with corresponding flag instead of IP numbers

  • Admins account info now displays but is protected

  • Username, Email & IP check using

  • Various bug fixes
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Secure Messaging System

-> HobbyMan on February 17 2013
Now available in downloads

This is both an infusion and a panel that allows site administrators to send and receive encrypted messages such as passwords or other sensitive information. Sending a secure message generates an 18 character key which can be send via email or other means, ie; text message or IM. The message itself is encrypted and can only be decoded using the key that was generated for that message. Emailing the Key is done automatically (if selected). Selecting "Send Key by other means" requires the sender to pass on the Key themselves.

This system is not designed for the long term storage of messages. It is strongly recommended that messages be deleted once decoded and read for security purposes.
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Content Creator Rewrite

-> HobbyMan on February 10 2013
I've just finished a major rewrite of Content Creator now released as v2.0 and available in downloads.
This is powerful tool for the creation and deletion of content for developers, infusion & theme writers, etc for an offline test site. It is not designed for live sites and it's strongly recommended that it not be used on live sites due to it's minimal security.

See included readme for installation and usage instructions.
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Most Likes Panel

-> HobbyMan on February 03 2013
A companion side panel for the existing Like or Not panel has been released. It will display the top liked pages on your site in a small side panel.

It will only work if the Like or Not panel has already been installed
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v7.02.06 Released

-> HobbyMan on January 27 2013
Via PHP_Fusion

v7.02.06 has now been released. All users are advised to upgrade to this new version as soon as possible as it contains a security fix.
This also represents the end of an era as v7.02.06 is expected to be the last v7 release prior to the launch (hopefully) later this year of the all new V8.

Download Update
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